Helping Our Community

At Queenstown Bank, we pride ourselves on community involvement and service. Our donations of time, labor and funding have been felt across the Eastern Shore through our support of non-profit organizations. Financial education is also a top priority at Queenstown Bank. Our commitment to youth is experienced by thousands of area students through the financial literacy classroom presentations we administer annually. Simply put, reinvesting in the communities we serve is the way Queenstown Bank does business.


Press Releases

As a community partner, we make charitable contributions for education, culture and the arts, social service agencies, charitable activities, community and economic development, and other programs that impact the needs of our communities. We realize that we can only be as successful as the communities we serve!

Maryland Food Bank

Tax ID Theft Prevention Tips

Tax Savings Tips

Student Athlete of the Year 2015

Senior Summit


Red Nose Day

Surcharge-Free ATMs

Girl Scouts of Maryland

Financial Tips for Graduates


Camp New Dawn

Good, Better, Best

In 2016, Queenstown Bank, once again, was voted "BEST Bank Service" in the annual Good-Better-Best Contest, conducted by The Shore Update. Ballots are sent to over 17,000 homes in our area and readers get to vote for their local favorites. Thank you to everyone in our community who voted!

America Saves

Being one of only two banks in Maryland to participate in the America Saves program shows our commitment to our customers and the importance of their Financial Education. We strive to give you resources that help you commit to saving, and assess your savings progress. Whether you are saving for an upcoming wedding or your retirement, we have many savings options available to you. If you would like to learn more about saving or just have general questions, please visit any one of our branch locations and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Financial Education Program

You may have read in newspapers over the last few years that Queenstown Bank of Maryland has been in local area schools and around the community promoting financial literacy. If you would like bank volunteers to present a financial education lesson to a group of children, teens or adults you know, please contact Holly Rhodes at (410) 819-3089.

Next Leader in Banking

 Tracy Whitby-Fairall of Queenstown Bank of Maryland has been named Next Leader in Banking by the Maryland Bankers Association and The Warren Group. Next Leaders is an annual award that recognizes the up and coming stars of the Maryland Banking industry.

"It is a pleasure to recognize and honor the hard work and dedication of this year's recipients of the Next Leaders Award," said Timothy M. Warren, Jr., CEO of The Warren Group. "Each individual's approach to their profession represents a true passion for their work and an admirable commitment to the communities in which they serve."

Tracy Whitby-Fairall began her career at Queenstown Bank in 2005 as the Easton Branch Manager. She was then appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer in 2011. She currently supervises bank operations, information technology and branch operations, all functions that are centralized under one department with offices in the bank's Operations Center in Queenstown.

J. Thomas Rhodes, Jr., President of Queenstown Bank said Whitby-Fairall exemplifies the bank's century-old tradition of building strong one-on-one banking relationships with its customers.

 Tracy Whitby-Fairall




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